Pink It Forward Is Celebrating Women

Pink It Forward is giving women a chance to purchase some of their favorite products while also supporting an important cause

FARGO, ND — Although October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, organizations worldwide are still raising funds and awareness for the disease.

One local organization is celebrating women and proving that one small gesture can make all the difference.

Whether it’s stylish jewelry, soothing lotions or homemade decor, when it comes to shopping there is always something fun to find.

“When you come to our shows we are hoping that you find one type of vendor for each thing,” said Deanne Leier, the Pink It Forward Treasurer.

Pink It Forward is giving women a chance to purchase some of their favorite products…

“This is our biggest event yet. We have more than 65 vendors with us today,” said Kayla Leier, the Pink It Forward Vice President.

…while also supporting an important cause.

“Chances are if you’re not directly impacted by breast cancer, you will end up knowing somebody that will,” said Kayla.

The non–profit creates care packages to send to those battling the life–threatening disease throughout the country.

“It’s just kind of something that shows hey I received this from somebody that really cares about me,” said Deanne.

“You have the opportunity to give them that gift. Something a little bit more than a get well card,” said Kayla.

The gift items range from blankets to pajamas to a comforting journal.

“It’s such a simple way to make someone feel a little bit better in a very trying time and it’s such a simple gesture,” said Kayla.

The organization wants to highlight the importance of treating yourself, while also supporting those in need.

“We try to provide hope and empowerment to try and get them through what they’re going through,” said Leanne.

The founders say this event is unique because it gives a face to a name they have sent a package to.

“To meet those people and give them a hug is priceless,” said Kayla.

This annual event is free to the public and the first 100 people in the door received a Pink It Forward shopping bag.

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