Family of Lukas Kusters, the “Dutch Destroyer,” Comes to Fargo

The family of a boy whose dying wish was to meet Carson Wentz were honored guests at the Harvest Bowl

FARGO, ND — A family from Delaware got the celebrity treatment this weekend in Fargo.

Parents and siblings of the late Lukas Kusters, a boy whose dying wish was to meet Carson Wentz, got a warm welcome at Saturday’s Harvest Bowl.

A weekend trip to Fargo was a much needed vacation.

“The welcome we’ve received,” said Rebecca Burmeff, mother of Lucas Kusters. “I can’t even put into words. The people here are just wonderful. Rebecca’s son Lukas was a young football all-star known by many as the “Dutch Destroyer.”

In a Sports Center documentary, his coach said the nickname was well earned by the eight-year-old, celebrating his skills on the field.

But in April of 2016, a call from the doctors’ office changed his life.

He had a tumor in his abdomen.

After months of treatment, he got another tumor in head, giving the rest of his journey on this earth a time limit.

A dedicated Philadelphia Eagles fan, the Make-A-Wish Foundation allowed Lukas to meet and thank his hero, Carson Wentz.

On June 12th, Lukas lost his battle with cancer.

Thanks to Carson Wentz’ brother and Gateway Chevrolet, the family got a free weekend trip on a chartered jet to a place where they weren’t strangers.

“We were pretty surprised to see how many people recognized us and knew who we were,” Rebecca said. “It was just really touching and humbling. All the people who came up and shared how touched or impacted they were by our story. Celebrity treatment, you know. This is really special. We’ve eaten all over the place. The food’s been incredible.”

The family was invited as guests of honor at the Bison’s home game against the South Dakota Coyotes.

They got the celebrity treatment on the field as a stadium of fans cheered for them; the fans who once cheered for the man who’s become a big part of the family’s life.

“It was pretty surreal,” she said. “It was just nice to be surrounded by the folks that he spent a lot of time with.”
“It means the world to us. We certainly feel all the love that everybody has to give and we’re just forever grateful for it. We’re already planning on coming back. My little guy is making a list of reasons why we need to move here.”

One of the fans gave Rebecca a Bison helmet to take home.

“It was a really special moment when we got that,” Rebecca said. “I really haven’t let go of it too much since then.”

While Lukas wasn’t there to watch the Bison play in person, an empty bedroom of memorabilia gets a piece of Fargo.

“This will be going home and going straight to Lukas’ room,” she said. “I think Lukas would have very much enjoyed the trip. Yes, absolutely. He was with us though.”

Arriving Friday afternoon and leaving mid-Sunday, it was a short but busy trip.

The family said their goodbyes and left on a jet taking back positive memories after having to deal with their worst tragedy.

To watch the Sports Center documentary about Lukas Kusters, click here.

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