UND Football Already Turns the Focus to Next Season

The Hawks finished the 2017-2018 season with just three wins on the year, the fewest number of wins since 2013

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — It was an emotional end to what UND Football is calling a disappointing season. The Fighting Hawks finished with just three wins on the year, which is the fewest number of wins since 2013.

The Hawks say the key now is learning from this season and finding a way to bring the team back to its winning tradition next year.

“The program will only go up,” Senior Jake Disterhaupt said. “I mean with these coaches, they’re high-spirited, they’re great guys. The leaders they have on the team too, individuals like Tanner Palmborg, or John Santiago there’s no way they will let this team go down.”

Disterhaupt said it’s important for the entire team to use the 2017-2018 season as a learning experience.

“Just because we didn’t get the season we wanted doesn’t mean we can’t learn from anything,” Disterhaupt said. “So look back, understand what you did wrong, also what you did right and capitalize on the things you did right.”

Senior Stetson Carr and Head Coach Bubba Schweigert agree with Disterhaupt.

“These young guys now have had a taste of a great season, had a taste of a rough season and I think they can see the difference between right now and the next season what has to happen to make sure we have another great season,” said Carr. “And like Jake said there’s a lot of learning here and I know the young guys and the guys that will be seniors next year and they’re going to make sure that we get right for next season.”

“We have to go back to work,” Schweigert said. “That’s what we have to do. If we learn from this then this is all worth it and I think we can learn a lot. You just can’t overreact cause you didn’t get the results you want, but you have to look at things that you can do better and this is huge. This off season I think is really big for our program.”


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