Locals Say They’re Shocked and Disgusted at U.S. Senator Al Franken

Most people we asked were shocked by the allegations while others question its legitimacy

MOORHEAD, Minn. — People throughout the metro said they’re shocked and disgusted by the photo of Senator Al Franken touching L.A. talk show host Leeann Tweeden in her sleep.

Many are calling for his immediate resignation while others want it to be investigated first.

“Oh man, that’s not funny at all,” said Bryan Johnson, of Fargo, when he saw the picture for the first time.

One of those shocked was Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton who said he will “defer to the U.S. Senate
Ethics Committee to investigate.”

Brad Leeser with Clay County Republicans told us any investigation would drag it out and calls on Franken to resign immediately.

The Clay County DFL released a statement saying they stand in agreement with the state’s zero tolerance policy, calling Franken’s actions, “disgusting.”

For the most part, locals agree.

“I really couldn’t believe it. Never thought that would happen,” Moorhead’s Larry Nicholson responded. “You always hold politicians to a higher level. Some people are afraid to come forward, and they should. Nobody’s above the law. That’s the bottom line.”

Off-camera, one man told us he believes most of these accusers are making their stories up for financial gain.

Another man told us he thinks Franken should be held to the same standard as the President.

For local mothers, Franken’s allegations hit too close to home.

“I want a society where my daughters feel safe. So I’m very concerned,” said Sarah Larson of West Fargo. “I thought more highly of him even though I knew he was a comedian before.”

“That’s kind of scary for a man that’s in power. It’s sad and depressing honestly,” Johnson added. “He should probably resign and get a lawyer.”

When asked if Franken should resign, Larson replied, “Absolutely.”

If Franken does decide to step down, Governor Dayton would appoint someone to fill his position until the 2018 election.

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