Emerging Prarie Holds First-Ever Cultivate Conference

the whole day was dedicated to agriculture and technology

FARGO, ND — The two worlds of agriculture and technology collided at Emerging Prairie’s first ever “Cultivate” conference.

Speakers from every sector of agricultural technology had the chance to share their ideas about the industry.

They discussed ideas about precision agriculture and ways technology can be enhanced to help farmers in their daily tasks.

Emerging Prairie hosted the conference to provide a platform for the things in North Dakota that make it bright and shiny.

“Agriculture and technology are two of those things and so for us, planning this was a no-brainer,” said Katie Worral, Emerging Prarie communications coordinator. “The Midwest and our region, it’s all about agriculture and so it’s really fun to create a space for folks in the agriculture and technology sector to connect and hang out.”

More than 200 people attended the conference.

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