People Waited In Line to Find The Best Black Friday Shopping Deals

most people said they were looking for Televisions

FARGO, ND — People waited outside for hours at stores around the metro to start getting their Black Friday deals.

Ah, Thanksgiving. A day filled with turkey, expanding waste lines and family.
But not for this guy.

“I haven’t had a Thanksgiving meal in probably five years,” said Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher prefers Black Friday deals over the traditional Thanksgiving menu.
He’s been participating in Black Friday for seven years now.
But every year, he gets in line even sooner.

“I’ve been out here since 9 a.m.,” he said.

Wait, what?
How do you go to the bathroom?

“That day, just don’t drink any liquids,” Schumacher said.

His friend, Brad Pederson, is new to the whole Black Friday tradition, but hasn’t learned that important lesson until now.

“I’m thinking about everything what not to do to go to the bathroom so once those doors open it’s game on,” Pederson said.

But this doesn’t stop Schumacher from saving big time on Christmas gifts every year.

“Yeah, it’s worth it. I mean sometimes you run into the same people that you meet over the years in line so you get talking with them and see what other people in line our getting.”

It was pretty clear that most people were looking for one thing though.

“I came to buy a T.V.,” said Tevin Winfree.

“I’m getting a new T.V.,” Pederson said.

“T.V.,” said Elvis Hasimvoic.

“Are you getting a T.V. as well? Yes, I am,” Schumacher said.

While some people made it their mission to get that perfect $250, 55-inch plasma screen, it still wasn’t enough for Pederson to do it all over again next year.

“Honestly, I kind of wish I was on a warm couch, ” he said. “I’m the kind of guy where unless there’s a really good deal, I’ll spend an extra $20 and buy at full price at my leisure.”

For those looking to make the trek to stores tomorrow, be forewarned.

“Dress warm, bring warm liquids and make sure you get something you want,” Pederson said.

Target will close at midnight and reopen at 6 a.m.
Many of the anchor stores at West Acres are offering deals tonight with most of the other stores opening at 7 a.m.

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