Former Fargo Police Officer’s Appeal Denied By Full City Commission

The Fargo Civil Service Commission Also Denied His Appeal In September

FARGO, ND — Former Fargo Police Officer David Boelke appealed his termination to the Fargo Civil Service Commission, but was denied.  His latest attempt was in front of the Fargo City Commission.

The mayor says it wasn’t an easy decision.

“Everybody wanted to very much make sure they thoughtfully talked about this termination and gave Dave Boelke a real opportunity he could have,” said Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney.

But they decided to uphold the decision for David Boelke’s termination.

“That good old saying, you can’t fight city hall must be true,” said David Boelke, a former Fargo police officer.

Boelke, a 15–year–veteran with the department, was let go in September for allegedly lying about responding to calls while on duty.

“I don’t want him to, as he indicated, plead guilty to something that he didn’t do. I didn’t want his career ruined,” said Mark Friese, Boelke’s attorney.

He, along with, Fargo Police Chief David Todd were able to share their sides to the Fargo City Commission.

“I think it is a sad day for the Fargo Police Department,” said Fargo Police Chief David Todd.

Commissioner Tony Gehrig suggested a motion that would allow Boelke to resign instead of being terminated but that amendment was voted down.

“We have an agreement, you don’t want to work here anymore, you don’t want him to work here anymore. We can get rid of this right now if we just go fourth with the motion I put forward,” said Fargo City Commissioner, Tony Gehrig.

Mahoney says the outcome could have been different if he resigned early on but Boelke says it wouldn’t have been positive.

“I would have been resigning and still being called a liar. It does no good to resign if you’re character is still ruined,” said Boelke.

What are the next steps? The former officer says there is a possibility for a second appeal or a lawsuit but nothing is set in stone.

Mayor Mahoney says this was not an easy decision by the commission and it’s hard on the city to be going through this termination.

He says people will have hurt feelings on both sides.

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