Cyber Monday Do’s and Dont’s

The BBB recommends using trustworthy sites, maybe even ones you've used before

FARGO, ND — It’s cyber Monday and that means we are in the heart of holiday shopping sales but the Better Business Bureau wants you to be shopping smart and safe.

The BBB recommends using trustworthy sites, maybe even ones you’ve used before.

If you are questioning the site, put the name and the word scam into a search engine and see what comes up.

Protect your personal information and make sure where you’re putting your information if where you want it be.

“It’s really hard at the holidays because we’re busy and we want things done quickly. You want to save the most money you can but unfortunately if you’re not doing business with legitimate companies, whether it’s working for them or purchasing from them, in the end it could cost you more money than if you just bought the product from a reputable website,” said Heather Johnson, with the BBB.

Johnson says a little extra research can never hurt before you click ‘buy’.

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