Senator John Hoeven Says He Supports GOP Tax Cut Plan

President Donald Trump Is Trying To Get A Tax Cut Bill Through Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Trump has the support of at least one North Dakota senator when it comes to his plan to cut taxes.

Senator John Hoeven says he supports the plan.

The Republican also says he has been working to ensure the Senate bill meets the needs of North Dakotans.

He held roundtables in Fargo and Bismarck last week to get input on the tax relief package.

Hoeven said the GOP plan would reduce the tax burden on hardworking American taxpayers.

“And again I ask that all of us work together,” said Hoeven on the Senate floor.  “Pass this bill through the Senate, get it into conference with the House and get the very best tax relief product we can for the American people and we get it done before the end of the year.”

A group of protestors brought a check to Hoeven’s Fargo office on Tuesday in protest of the GOP Tax Cut Plan.

They say it would hurt working people in order to cut taxes for the rich.

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