Fargo Police Creates Closer Bond With Community at Cocoa With a Cop

this was the third year that officers hosted the event

FARGO, N.D. — The relationship between law enforcement and the community they serve is a two way street, and something as simple as a cup of cocoa is helping strengthen both ends of that bond in Fargo.

Police are hoping to show they’re here to help, and some local residents are making sure officers know they too have support, especially in times they need it most.

When officer Jason Mozser was killed last February, it left a hole in many people’s hearts, especially for nine-year-old Kylie Wilson.

“I took a picture with a police officer once and when I heard that he died, I was speechless. I watched the news,” Wilson said. “His wife was crying and I started getting tears.”

Wilson says she knows the risks Mozser took to protect Fargo and she always supports officers with him in mind.  She’s one of many kids who made sure to come to the Third Annual Cocoa with a Cop.

“You get to hang with the cops, you get to talk to them. This is showing all the kids here that police officers are our friends, not our enemies,” Wilson said.

“A lot of times, children are afraid of police officers and this is really a great way for us to sit down face-to-face with them and that we’re humans and we’re just like them and that we’re the people they should come to when they need help,” said officer Jessica Schindeldecker.

It also allows officers to help gain more trust with people throughout the community.

“We want to make sure we have those relationships with the community so they know when things get bad or something happens, that they can trust us,” Schindeldecker said.

Julie Daws used to live in Ocala, Florida, where she says most people did not trust local law enforcement. Daws says she couldn’t believe the difference when she moved to Fargo.

“There is some corrupt officers. I’ll be honest, there is some. But here in Fargo, I have not seen one,” Daws said.

That’s why Wilson has some advice for the kids out there that still may be a little shy when they see police officers.

“If you ever see sirens outside your window and if you’re afraid of those sirens, don’t be afraid because those are police officers. They’re protecting us. They are risking their lives for us,” Wilson said.

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