Local Kids Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Thanks to “Making Homes for the Holidays”

Slumberland Furniture, The Salvation Army, Knights of Columbus, and Walmart Team Up to Provide Kids With Beds, Pillows, and Sheets

REGIONAL — Seventy- four Children throughout the F–M area will be able to sleep in a new bed tonight thanks to the Making Homes for the Holidays event.

It’s a 23-year long holiday tradition for organizations throughout the F–M area.

Slumberland Furniture partners up with the Salvation Army to see which kids in the area have the greatest need for a bed.

The Knights of Columbus, along with other volunteers, deliver the beds, pillows and sheets donated from Walmart, and a homemade quilt made by someone in the community.

“If you don’t get a good night’s rest, how well are you going to do in school? How good is your attitude going to be?” said Duane Hauck, who is with the Knights of Columbus. “I’m sure programs like this in providing the comfort for a good night’s rest leads to a more positive upbringing for those children.”

Derick Vettleson, who is the General Manager of Slumberland Furniture in West Fargo, says this event represents their company’s values.

“We place helping people in our community higher up on our core values than making a profit,” he said.

Vettleson says as a father, it means a lot to help out children in need.

“That’s what really hits home for me when I see these kids that don’t have a bed at all,” Vettleson said. “I think about how unfortunate it would be if my little girl didn’t have a bed. So it really makes me appreciate what we do.”

Hauck has helped deliver beds for the past 9 years.

He said he loves the feeling he gets knowing he’s helping others.

He remembers delivering a bed a few years ago to an apartment in Moorhead that had no furniture inside.

“The kids, you could tell, had blankets on the floor,” Hauck said. “For them to receive those beds and to have that additional comfort in their home was really quite warming and it’s something I’ll always remember.”

This year, Slumberland Furniture will be donating around 2,000 beds throughout twelve states that they have stores in.

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