The Black Building Hosts a Holiday Black Bazaar

Downtown Fargo Enjoys the Holidays With the Black Bazaar

FARGO, ND — Holiday shoppers can find a unique shopping experience if they head to the Black Building in downtown Fargo.

The building is hosting “The Black Bazaar” and it allows shoppers to not only purchase items from regular tenants, but also local and unique pop–up shops.

Shoppers can find many locally produced items, such as alpaca fiber knit goods, artwork, massage accessories and even vegan cookie dough.

Shop owners say if you’re looking for something unique, the Black Bazaar is where it’s at.

“If you’re looking for a unique and special gift, there’s nothing better than getting something local and usually those local gifts have a great story so it’s a double whammy,” said Hayley Johnson, who is with the Kilbourne Group.

The Black Bazaar is one of many events taking place downtown.

You can also find the Downtown Spectacular, book signings and the APT Holiday Art Market.

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