Roads Should Be Clear When Traveling this Holiday Season

Fargo Public Works plows about 26 miles of sidewalks and more than 2,000 lane miles of roads

FARGO, N.D. — If you plan on traveling for the holidays tonight or tomorrow, Fargo Public Works officials say they’ve got you covered.

Some people say thinking about Fargo winters makes them cringe.

“Oh, it can be real tough. Yeah, I wonder why I don’t go south sometimes,” Denny Hansen said.

There’s nothing anyone can do about the temperature but thanks to Fargo Public Works, anyone planning to travel out of town for the holidays should have a smooth commute.

“Based on the length of this event, we should be able to have all the roads completely plowed before the holidays,” said Mark Williams with Fargo Public Works.

Fargo Public Works started getting ready for the snow last night when they put the plows on their trucks. And this morning, they started sanding the roads.

“We want to get that product put down eight hours or so before it starts snowing,” Williams said. “What that does is it helps us scrape the snow off of the roads and prevents the snow from freezing and bonding to the pavement.”

Fargo Public Works planned to send out plows when the snow started to build up more on the roads.

They typically send out 25 to 30 pieces of equipment for three to six inches of snow.

Some say what concerns them more is the other drivers out on the road.

“A lot of people like to speed. They figure it’s safe to go the same speed they normally do when it starts to get snowy and icy, so you got to watch for them,” Hansen said.

Although the snow shouldn’t be an issue, the ice is another story.

“It appears that the temperature is going to be dropping, creating a situation where the roads may be slipperier for a longer period of time than normal,” Williams said.

Which is why Denny Hansen reminds people to be more careful if they plan to drive on the roads.

“Just take it easy. Watch what’s going on. Watch everybody else. Try to stay out of trouble,” Hansen said.

Others have some different advice for travelers.

“Just got to make sure I have a full tank of gas. That’s always nice. It sucks to run out of gas when it’s really cold like this. Have to stay warm with lots of layers,” Jacob Stringfield said.

Fargo Public Works plows about 26 miles of sidewalks and more than 2,000 lane miles of roads.

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