Fargo Police Chief Takes Stance on Gun Control, Domestic Violence

he was featured in a new york times video piece

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo Police Chief David Todd took a stance on domestic violence and gun control in a New York Times video piece.

In the three and a half minute video, Todd says he is a strong supporter of the second amendment but even he draws a red line at one point.

Todd says people who have had a history of domestic violence or have been convicted of a violent crime should never be allowed to own a firearm.

One of the examples he gave in the video was the death of Officer Jason Moser who was killed responding to a domestic violence call.

“I think it’s a common sense type of thing that people can agree with when they see these types of things happening throughout the country and they recognize that sometimes leadership has to step up and say here’s what I think it a reasonable and common sense approach to this,” Todd said.

Todd says he’s never shy in voicing his perspective, but he says he also makes an effort to listen other perspectives as well.

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