Get Your One-of-a-Kind Frisco Gear Before the Big Game!

We're just days away from the big Bison game in Frisco and the NDSU bookstore has some new items.

FARGO, ND — We’re just days away from the big Bison game in Frisco and the NDSU bookstore has some new items.

We’ll tell you where you can buy some one of a kind Fargo to Frisco gear.

The hype is real and if you’re a bison fan, you know the feeling of finally arriving in Frisco.

“There’s truly nothing like being a part of Bison Nation on that night or on that day, said Kim Anvinson, the NDSU Bookstore Director.

Whether it’s packing up the car or booking flights, Bison fans are getting ready for the trip to Texas.

But what’s a big game without some new merchandise?

“We have just everything you can imagine. Sweatshirts, jackets, things for children. Lots of gold, lots of green,” said Mary Sivertson, the NDSU Bookstore Clothing Buyer.

The NDSU bookstore has some new gear and are excited about their Fargo to Frisco map, printed on many of the items.

And like the map, the bookstore is traveling to Texas with its merchandise.

“We’ve actually been getting orders from all over the country,” Sivertson said.

Aside from the big game, many of the fans say one of the most exciting parts of the trip is the travel down. From here, all the way to Frisco.

“When you’re driving to Frisco and I just got goosebumps every vehicle has got a car flag, or a bumper sticker or a license plate. You don’t worry that your car is going to break down because you know someone else from Bison nation is going to be right there beside you,”¬†Anvinson said.

For a game like this, the entire NDSU campus joins as one.

“We actually have someone from animal sciences driving our 24 foot trailer,” Anvinson said.

That trailer is filled with all things bison.

It’s a unity that makes these fans stand out.

“They lift us up and make sure we can do what we need to do to make sure our fans get everything they need for the game,” Anvinson said.

“It’s truly bison nation. It’s more than the book store. It’s about every fan, it’s about the players, and campus and it’s all the way from Fargo to Frisco,” Sivertson said.

Staff from the NDSU bookstore will be selling merchandise at the Legacy Marriott Hotel in Frisco from 10 am to 10 pm Thursday, 8 am to 5 pm on Friday and at the pep fest on Friday.

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