NDSU Fans Celebrate Sixth FCS Championship Win in Seven Years

Bison defeat James Madison University 17-13.


FARGO, N.D. — Revenge is a dish best served on a football field.
And Bison fans know just how sweet it tastes as they watched their team bring a win back to Fargo.

“Go Bison” was the chant heard around the metro as NDSU took their sweet revenge on James Madison, bringing the FCS Championship trophy back to Fargo.

“It’s pretty amazing. I mean six championships in seven years. It’s unheard of. It was just really entertaining and a lot of fun and especially to go back and beat the team that beat us last year and get our revenge,” said Scott Awalt.

“I think James Madison is really a premiere team, almost as good as us. So it matters that we show who really was the better team,” said Jack Dalrymple, North Dakota’s Governor when the dynasty started.

For many fans, it’s a part of history they’ll never forget.

“It’s history and we just can’t expect that to ever happen again and we got to be here for it. It’s really special,” Awalt said.

As the sixth FCS Championship win in seven years, fans say it’ll only help NDSU continue to highlight Fargo.

“I’ve noticed in traveling a lot of people will say ‘well you’re from Fargo, that’s where the Bison is, right?’ and I go ‘yeah’. NDSU has really put us on the map,” said Scott Mclaughlin.

But of course, being number one isn’t such a bad title either.

“There’s nothing like being number one, right Scott,” Dalrymple said.

“Absolutely. These young athletes are dedicated. Getting up at five in the morning, lifting weights 360 days a year, I mean they work hard and they should be patted on the back and recognized every time we see them,” Mclaughlin said.

In fact, the Herd already has fans hopeful for next season.

“Oh yeah, we got a lot of guys coming back. There’s definitely a good chance we can do this again,” Awalt said.

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