Fargo Public Schools Helping Jeremiah Program and Mothers in Need

The Fargo Education Association Sponsored Book Drives Throughout Fargo Public Schools to Benefit the Jeremiah Project

FARGO, ND — The bookshelves are filled at the new Jeremiah Program building in Fargo, thanks to Fargo Public Schools.

The Jeremiah Program provides housing and programs to help single mothers in need.

The Fargo Education Association sponsored a book drive at all of its schools throughout the months of October, November, and December.

They were able to gather more than 4,000 books to donate to the program.

“Our moms go to school full-time and work part-time so sometimes going to Barnes and Noble, buying the latest and greatest books for your kids isn’t feasible for them,” Whitney Wright, the events and volunteer coordinator with the Jeremiah Program, said. “To have a resource area for them to come to for their kids at no cost to them is really important to us.”

Once the Jeremiah Program housing officially opens this month, the kids will have a fully furnished and stocked library to use.

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