Davies High School Students Pedal Out Muscular Dystrophy One Cycle At A Time

they raised $950 for two kids with the rare disease to go to a summer camp


WEST FARGO, N.D. — Students at Davies High School are trying to pedal out muscular dystrophy one cycle at a time.

Fargo is what some call a big, small town.

“It’s got a high population but everybody knows somebody. There’s always ties to somebody. When someone needs help we all come together and help,” Jodi Roper, Cyclebar owner.

Now students from Davies High School came together to help those in our big, small town with muscular dystrophy.

“They’re muscle debilitating diseases so they kind of wear and tear on your muscles and make daily activities hard to do,” said Madison Petrick, a senior at Davies High School.

All of the proceeds from a Cyclebar class people took this morning will go to two kids in the F–M area who struggle with the disease.

The Davies High School DECA team was able to raise $950, which they will use to send the two kids to a muscular dystrophy summer camp.

“For one week, a kid would go there, meet new friends, kind of build more self–confidence of who they are and what they have to deal with every day,” Petrick said.

Those with the rare disease aren’t the only ones gaining something out of the experience though.

“This project has taught us so much about how to work with people and how to communicate, how to raise money and how to be a business person,” said Jack Boub, a junior at Davies High School. “This project has really helped us grow as people and how to support people who are in need and find people who are willing to help.”

There was no shortage of those willing to help ride out muscular dystrophy either.

“Friends, family but even more than that, just community members who hear about our events. It just puts a smile on my face. It’s one of the best feelings in the world to see everybody care about this as much as we do,” Petrick said.

Davies High School DECA team will have their “Play for MDA: Charity Extravaganza” event at Hope Lutheran Church on February 22 to raise more money for those in the F–M area with muscular dystrophy.

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