Changing Lives One Outfit at a Time

One locally owned store in West Fargo is helping women discover their confidence

WEST FARGO, ND — We all have a different definition of beauty but one locally owned store in West Fargo is helping women discover their confidence.

They are finding their beauty inside and out.

This isn’t just any store.

“When you look in the mirror what don’t you like? Just so we know what else to grab for you that you might like better,” asked Rhonda Asleson, the owner of Curvy Divas in West Fargo.

“You’re not just a customer…you’re actually a human in this store,” said Dawn Heinen, a frequent customer.

It’s a place some women call home, changing the fashion trends for women who wear over a size 12.

“It’s just been a life changing experience. It’s given me the confidence to do something I wish I would have done years ago when I was younger,” said Vicki Heydt, a frequent customer.

“I think confidence is just the biggest thing that a woman can wear to make her look sexy and I found it and I want to share that with others,” Rhonda said.

Staff at Curvy Divas take customers by the hand from the minute they walk in…

“We immediately go into action to find something that is going to make you feel good,” Rhonda said.

They create a personal shopping experience…

“Look at how darn cute she looks,” Rhonda commented.

“They’re like your shadow you know they are with you every minute. They don’t let you do it alone,” Vicki said.

…giving women a new perspective on beauty.

“It doesn’t make us less than a woman because we’ve got some extra pounds,” Rhonda said.

“I had the baggy pants on when I came in and a baggy shirt and when she changed I was like what a difference,” Dawn said.

Inside of the dressing room, these women are able to have their own voices and throughout the store it’s about the little things that make them feel the most comfortable.

“We’re very casual here. Sit down relax, sit in front of your fan, move your fan,” Rhonda said.

From the lounge area to the chocolates and words of wisdom around the store, these women are taking those lessons into the real world.

“They say ‘hey I really like that outfit’ or ‘you’re looking really good lately,'” Vicki said.

Rhonda says she’s willing to go above and beyond for her customers.

She will schedule a private fitting if that’s more comfortable for the customer.

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