Sanford’s Children’s Miracle Network Holds 18th Annual Cares for Kids Radiothon

people can tune into Froggy 99.9 or Y94

FARGO, N.D. — You can help raise money for kids at Sanford’s Children’s Miracle Network just by turning on the radio to Froggy 99.9 or Y94.

The hospital is hosting its largest annual fundraiser with their Cares for Kids Radiothon.

A mother’s intuition can be very powerful.
And on June 18, 2017, Donna Flaten’s kicked in.

“I have this feeling something is wrong. I just have this feeling and then I heard the whistle go off in town from the ambulance going off,” Flaten said.

It was right after that she got the worst phone call she’s ever received.

“First responders called us and told us are children had been in an accident,” Flaten said.

Her daughter Josie, grand daughter Lilly and son Connor had all been T-boned by another driver.
Josie and Lilly were both ejected from the car and received minor injuries but Connor was flown to Sanford Children’s Hospital, where he was in a coma for 20 days.

Flaten says she will never forget when Connor finally opened his eyes again.

“Josie and I flew back to the hospital, get into his room and he’s like ‘hi mom’ after he already had said ‘hey dad’,” Flaten said.

“It felt like a 20-minute nap.”

Although they were in the hospital for almost a month, Flaten says it eventually didn’t feel like one.

“With family and friends and people coming to visit us, the baseball team coming, it was pretty much I felt like this was turning into my living room,” Flaten said.

Every single day someone was there to show the family they had a support system.
But the Flaten’s say they especially found it in the staff at Sanford’s Children’s Hospital.

“The nurses and doctors will get you through it. Even the janitor that cleaned my room was so supportive in anyway she could,” Connor said.

Now the Flaten family is giving back to the Sanford’s Children’s Hospital at the 18th annual Care for Kids Radiothon.

“It’s a small town. You know everybody, you take care of everybody and you don’t stop. You just continue to take care of people,” Flaten said.

The Care for Kids Radiothon will continue from 6 to 6 Friday.

Organizers say they hope to raise more than last year’s goal of $156,000.

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