Traces of Bromate Found in City of Fargo Water

this is the first time Fargo's water treatment plant has had this happen

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo’s Water Treatment plant found traces of bromate in the water supply back in December.

This is the first time the city has found an above average trace of bromate in the water, which is a contaminate.

It forms when ozone, a chemical used to disinfect drinking water, reacts with the naturally occurring bromide chemical already found in water.

City officials say they believe it happened from Devil’s Lake, which has high levels of bromide spilling into the Sheyenne River and because of a mechanical failure with some equipment.

“The water is fine. It’s safe to drink. Since we found out that sample, we’ve been sampling for bromate on a daily basis. It’s a pretty high-end instrument so we’re running it weekly,” said Troy Hall, water utility director with the city of Fargo.

Officials say only people who are constantly exposed to high levels of bromate are the ones who would potentially be at a health risk.

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