Security Strong All Around The Twin Cities For Super Bowl 52

Police Chief Touts The Great Partnership From Minnesota Law Enforcement


The Super Bowl continues to grow in popularity not just in the United States but in the entire world.

With such a worldly event down in the Twin Cities, there becomes the question of protecting the people in Minneapolis for the event.

Security has been as common of a word used in the Twin Cities as the word football when it has come down to planning Super Bowl 52.

It still is a big topic until this event will have concluded this coming Monday.

National and statewide security has been put in place at Mall of America, U.S. Bank Stadium and all over the Twin Cities to protect fans, and the citizens of the metro area from any threats during Super Bowl week.

It’s an event where a lot of eyes throughout the world will be on Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said, “We really do require and rely upon teamwork in terms of our Minnesota law enforcement. The men and women standing behind me are part and parcel of that. There is no way, and I want to stress this, there is no way that we could even attempt to do this without the great partnership from Minnesota law enforcement. They’ve been absolutely tremendous in making sure that we have a very safe and welcoming Super Bowl.”

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