Cass County Democratic Convention Picks 2018 Nominations

one senate candidate, two house candidates were chosen in each odd numbered district


FARGO, N.D. — Some democrats say they’re seeing more and more people come out to support government both on a state and national level.

“I think they’re frustrated. I think they’re tired of the way things are going not just nationally but in North Dakota. They don’t think their voices are being heard or being listened to in the state capital. But they also want to get involved and make sure they have a chance to share their concerns and vote for people who will listen to them,” said state party chair Kylie Oversen.

Oversen says she’s especially noticed it here, at the 2018 Cass County Democratic Convention. and people are ready to take action.

“It’s really just a chance for democrats to begin the campaign cycle, to get excited and meet their new candidates and get ready for what lies ahead in 2018,” Oversen said.

It’s odd numbered districts this year that are nominating one state senate candidate and two state house candidate.
Each candidate jumping in the race for their own reasons.

“My main reason for running is for my grandchildren,” said Paula Thomas, District 41 Senate candidate. “I see the way North Dakota politics are headed right now and I feel like we need to turn it around completely. We need more room for focus on childhood education, secondary education, affordable college education.”

Pamela Anderson has been in the House for four years. Today she got nominated again.

“I just got endorsed to run another campaign next November and I have the number one intention of being the number one vote-getter again. I’m excited to think I can go back to Bismarck. I truly enjoyed it and I was a good legislator,” Anderson said.

For anyone who doesn’t agree with politicians currently in office, members of the Democratic-NPL remind everyone it is their duty to speak up and create change.

“That’s the best way to make sure your voice is heard is to get involved and support candidates that cherish your values and support the same values that you have. Whatever your political ideologies are, we encourage people to get involved and get active,” Oversen said.

The Democratic-NPL State Convention will be held in Grand Forks March 15-17.

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