Lewis and Clark Elementary Students Asking Community for Teddy Bear Donations

they are trying to collect more than 500 stuffed animals for kids in Fargo-Moorhead who need some extra comfort

FARGO, N.D. — Lewis and Clark Elementary students are trying to spread a little more kindness around with the help of some teddy bears.

The school is trying to collect stuffed animals for local children who need some comfort during times of crisis.
Last year, students collected more than 550 bears.
Anyone can drop off teddy bears at Lewis and Clark through February 14.
Students will then bring the bears to local fire and police departments.

“We’re trying to show that you can be kind to anybody, even somebody you don’t even know that’s going to get your bear because you might be in that situation and wouldn’t you want someone to show you some kindness and some care? We can all be a little more kind especially with the climate of our culture today,” said Stacy Anderson, Lewis and Clark’s Gifted and Talented program instructor.

You can also drop off teddy bear donations at Fargo South.

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