Hector International Airport To Begin Construction On Skyway In 2019

it's expected to be completed in 2020

FARGO, N.D. — In the next few years, you won’t have to walk outside to get from the parking lot to your terminal at Hector International Airport.

The Airport will start construction in early 2019 on a skyway costing between $13-15 million.
But get this, it won’t cost taxpayers a single cent.

“The skyway is eligible for 90 percent of federal funding. The good news is that if we move forward and complete the project is that all that money can be recovered,” said Shawn Dobberstein, executive director at Hector.

It can all be recovered through a fee that’s been on every airline ticket since 1997.

The skyway will be about 500-feet-long and have five different entrances in the parking lot. It’s supposed to protect you from the elements including safety and weather.”

“Parking, walking distance that we have isn’t that different than what you see at the Fargodome or the West Acres Mall or even at the new hospital. It’s all within fairly close proximity but when you’re facing a pretty strong head wind or snow or sleet or heavy rain, obviously that walk seems to be a lot further,” Dobberstein said.

Ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft have taken some of the revenue away from Hector’s parking lot.
However, some say it’s not concerning because there still are a lot of people who drive from out of town to catch flights at Hector.

“Lots of people are coming from places where they’re not going to take an Uber from Lisbon or Oaks or someplace like that, or Valley City or whatever. They’re going to drive themselves obviously,” said Terry Stroh, the architect of the skyway.

Hector may build a parking garage in the future as well, but officials say there are no plans set in stone yet.
For now, they’re focusing on the skyway which is expected to be completed in 2020.

Officials at the airport say when construction begins on the skyway, it should not affect travel times.

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