Number of Flu Cases in Cass County Gradually Decreased over the Last Two Weeks

Only 142 cases were reported in Cass County last week, down from 244 two weeks prior

FARGO, N.D. — In what has been a tough flu season this winter, over one thousand people in Cass County have been hospitalized.

But as spring approaches, the number of confirmed cases has gone down.

This week, only 142 cases of the flu were reported in Cass County, down from the 244 confirmed two weeks ago.

While this might indicate some progress, flu season isn’t necessarily over, as similar strains to the H3N2 virus that has been common this year sent people to the hospital as late as April last year.

The state has simple advice to keep the number of flu cases down.

“If you are sick, just stay home. Stay home without the use of the fever reducing medicines. So if you have kids, don’t send them to daycare, don’t send them to school,” said Brenton Nesemeier, a Field Epidemiologist for the North Dakota Department of Health.

This year the flu vaccine is effective 36 percent of the time, and that number jumped up to 59 percent in juveniles.

Even though the number of confirmed cases has dropped over the last few weeks, doctors say the best ways to stay healthy are to wash your hands and get a flu shot if you have not done so yet.

While it may be later in the flu season, a simple flu shot could go a long way.

“There’s still time. It’s not too late in the year.  I want to say that last year, we continued to see flu cases into April even, so there’s definitely enough time in the flu season to benefit from a shot,” said Dr. Kristine Martens, a family medicine practitioner at Sanford Health.

In addition to getting a flu shot, doctors recommend that people should wash their hands with soap and water for at least 15 seconds in order to avoid contracting and spreading the flu this winter.

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