Blessed Sacrament Puts on Benefit for Local West Fargo Man Battling Cancer

Terry Krauth was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw in 2016

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Emotions ran high at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in West Fargo today.

But it wasn’t because everyone was hoping to yell “bingo” and win the jackpot.

It’s because of the real reason they were all there: Terry Krauth.

“It’s very honestly overwhelming. The number of family members, the church members, people we’ve known forever in the community that’ve been here,” said Krauth’s daughter Teri.

Terry has been battling cancer of the jaw since 2016, which his kids say has been nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster.

But today is when it’s at its highest peak.

“I actually just talked to him a little while ago and he had to hang up because he was crying,” Teri said.

The church put on a benefit to help raise money for the extra medical expenses he has.

However, Terry wasn’t able to attend because he is trying to get over the flu.

“Dad didn’t show emotions. He was always the rock and to see him be happy when things like this happen and see the tears come to his eye, it’s just something you never would have expected,” Teri said.

But those waterworks aren’t just because of everything the church did.

It’s also because of the way kids at South Elementary School, where Terry works as a night custodian, decided to pitch in.

“He’s always so willing to help us with whatever we need at school. Each grade had a little contest. We raised over $430 just in change,” said Jenny Adams, with South Elementary School in West Fargo.

The benefit could have been another online fundraiser but some say it wouldn’t be enough.

“We wanted to give people a chance to get involved and do something with it. Just the turnout we’ve had and all the people who have come to help, it’s been a wonderful experience for the day,” said Steve Perreault, a volunteer at the benefit.

Not a single person even batted an eye when they heard who it was for.

“I never had to ask anybody twice. It just shows how much the people in the parish enjoy him and want to help out. And also it just shows how much he is appreciated in the community,” Perreault said.

If you’d like to help out Terry Krauth with his medical expenses, there’s a donation account at Bell Bank under his name.

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