‘Down Home’ Helps Family Transition Into Permanent Housing

The family of five has a baby on the way

FARGO, N.D. — A new non–profit in the area called Down Home is helping families transition into permanent housing.

They house those with limited resources who are referred through an agency.

“I am feeling lots of feelings. Lots and lots of feelings. I’m very happy, I’m very grateful,” said Sheyann Ducheneaux, a housing recipient.

My husband and I have always felt called to use our gifts and talents in different ways. We started connecting with some community organizations to see if what we envisioned is actually something that’s needed in the community, and it has been confirmed that, yes,” said Jenessa Fillipi, founder of Down Home.

“It’s hard to start as a family and get all this started by yourself with no help. To have someone step in and do that for you, it’s amazing,” Ducheneaux said.

Ducheneaux is part of a family of five with a baby on the way. This home comes completely furnished, even with a crib for the growing family.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting this, it looks so homey now. Last time I was here I was just thinking, I have so much work to do. This house has so much work to do. But looking at it now it seems possible,” she said.

The Down Home team says the biggest challenge is balance.

Both my husband and I still work  full time. We have  four children, and we’re very driven in this. We know this is something we’re being called to do,” Fillipi said.

Families who take part in Down Home also pay it forward and contribute back to the community.

This is the third family that the non–profit has helped house. They hope to help more families and individuals in the future.

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