North Dakota Winter Show Features All Things Agriculture

The event draws people from all over the Midwest And Canada

VALLEY CITY, N.D. — The 81st year of the North Dakota Winter Show is running through Saturday.

The event draws people from all over the Midwest and Canada and features all things agriculture.

“That’s the biggest thing I’ve noticed is there’s something for everybody. So whatever you are, if you’re into vehicles, pickups, you’ll be there tonight, and a different crowd will be here for Thursday night,” said Doug Muske, director of the Winter Show.

Each day has a different theme such as livestock or agronomy. There are also performances from entertainers and the very popular rodeo.

Organizers say they hope the weather doesn’t keep people away.

“It looks like it’s going to be decent weather the rest of the week. The numbers will go back up and we’ll have a decent turnout for the rest of the week that way,” Muske said.

Some vendors, like Calvin Schaefer, remember some of the biggest challenges for the show.

“I was stuck here for six days in 1966. Nobody could get up here or anything. We had really strong winds and 33 inches of snow and it lasted for a long time. The show started a week late,” Schaefer said.

He recalls another situation years later.

“The biggest one was when the building collapsed. This whole southeast corner caved in from overloaded snow. They had to rebuild it so the winter show started a months and half late,” he said.

The economy can also affect vendors’ experience.

“This year will be a little slower, the farm products aren’t as high–priced as they’ve been. So people are a little tighter with their money. So it’s going to be a little slower year for us,” Schaefer said.

No matter what the challenge, people will always move forward.

The Winter Show first started in 1937 and has been expanding ever since.


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