Downtown Fargo Eateries Do Away with Plastic Straws and Plastic Bags

Blackbird Woodfire and Nichole's Fine Pastry say the changes are their way of helping environment

FARGO, N.D. — In the United States, Americans throw away over 500 million plastic straws every year, enough to circle the Earth twice.

For Blackbird Woodfire in downtown Fargo, the decision to eliminate plastic straws was simple.

“We talked about it for a while as a group, and we were looking at ways to cut down on our plastic use. In the kitchen for example we actually got reusable plastic lids instead of using saran wrap and so the owner’s daughter actually this summer brought it up to us about how many plastic straws we’re throwing a way per day,” said Nicole Bartolomay, a server at Blackbird Woodfire.

The staff pointed to the non–profit Lonely Whale as the root cause for their move away from plastic straws.

“They had no straws handed out in one month in Seattle, and they saved over two million, so we thought we could do that,” said Bartolomay.

Unless a customer specifically requests a plastic straw, the restaurant encourages customers to enjoy their beverages with reusable glass or metal straws.

“Most people don’t use a straw at all. They’ll just use the cup like normal. We wash and scrub every cup so every cup is clean,” said Bartolomay.

Just around the corner from Blackbird Woodfire, Nichole’s Fine Pastry on Eighth Street has decided to stop using plastic bags in favor of paper bags for carry out orders.

While the cafe still uses plastic to box or wrap its products, owner Nichole Hensen says that eliminating plastic bags is their way to help the environment.

“When we hear of the oceans clogged up with plastic islands floating around, that makes us sad. We want the Earth to be here for a long time to come,” said Hensen.

It’s a small move that they hope brings big change.

The owners of Blackbird Woodfire say they have looked into mass ordering glass and metal straws for customers.

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