Congregational United Church of Christ Receives ‘Overwhelming’ Turnout for Homelessness in Becker County

Rep. Collin Peterson and Senator Tina Smith were also there

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — Liz Kuppola grew up in a large family that didn’t have a lot of money.

“What I learned from that is that people who struggle have the same potential as anyone else just not always the same opportunity,” Kuppola said.

It inspired her so much that she’s been working with people who experience homelessness for about 25 years now, focusing on the policies that must change for those individuals.

Most recently she talked about a bill in the Minnesota State Legislature that would provide $140 million in housing infrastructure to homeless individuals across the state at a ‘Homelessness in Becker County’ forum.

“It really serves each community, develops programs, housing that works for that community. We’re really hopeful to see $140 million in the bonding bill this year,” Kuppola said.

This was the first time the forum was put on by the Congregational United Church of Christ in Detroit Lakes.

“Uniting all of the things that are going on and providing information for people so that they can decide what they want to do to help with this problem of homelessness,” said Carol Nustad, with Congregational United Church of Christ.

Part of the reason Nustad says people in Detroit Lakes are taking action against homelessness is because of who is being affected by it.

“There are about 100 kids, teenagers who are couch surfers. They do not have permanent homes,” Nustad said.

But organizers say they’re hopeful for a future where no one is homeless anymore thanks to the amount of people who have been getting involved.

“It’s just been an overwhelming response really from the community,” Nustad said.

“It’s about supporting our neighbors, our loved ones, our family members, people we might not know but who share our communities and our values,” Kuppola said.

Rep. Collin Peterson and Senator Tina Smith were both at the forum.

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