Hundreds Advocate for Gun Reform at March for Our Lives

The march in Fargo was one of hundreds across the country

FARGO, N.D. — People in cities across the country gathered for March for our Lives to advocate for gun reform.

Hundreds gathered in downtown Fargo to take part in the local event. The march was organized by a group called “Moms Demand Action.” The group was created after the Sandy Hook shooting and pushes lawmakers for what they say is common sense gun reform.

Cheryl Biller, a march organizer, said the students from both the Parkland shooting and across the country are the people who inspired her.

“I want [lawmakers] to listen to the students and really understand why this matters to them,” she said.

Lucy Glessner and Caleigh Anderson are high school seniors who want to advocate for change.

“We hope to accomplish actual change, whether that be through stricter laws or just more resources for schools,” Glessner said.

“We just try to push for things we’re passionate about and take action on them,” Anderson said.

Those marching in Fargo say they think there should be a balance between second amendment rights and gun reform.

“I’m a gun owner myself, and I think we need to register our guns. We register our cars, we should register our guns,” said Yvonne Lies, one of the marchers.

She says lawmakers should start by banning AR–15s and semi–automatic rifles.

“Those are weapons of war and shouldn’t be in the hands of civilians,” she said.

Proponents of gun reform think a big part of the issue is politicians who benefit from the NRA.

“We need to get rid of money in politics where they can dictate the rules when they don’t have the votes,” Lies said.

“We can influence what legislators do and how they behave and if we really don’t like what they do and how they behave we can influence whether or not they get their seat back,” Biller said.

Biiller says she hopes this is the final push it takes for reform to take place.

“These students are inspiring us in ways that we haven’t been in a long time,” she said.


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