Driver Jumps Into Chase Setting Off A Second Pursuit

One Man Faces Charges of Escape and Fleeing An Officer
Irvin Peltier, Sr.

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Two people were arrested following simultaneous pursuits that ended in Moorhead Tuesday afternoon.

During a traffic stop south of Glyndon, the driver took off, starting a chase that led into Moorhead.

During the pursuit, another a driver interfered with the chase, swerving across lanes of a busy street and running stop signs.

A state trooper finally managed to stop the car with a PIT maneuver.

Irvin Peltier Sr. is facing charges of escape and fleeing an officer.

For safety reasons, authorities terminated the initial pursuit and the driver got away.

But 31-year-old Nicholas Wessels was tracked down in Fargo Tuesday night and taken into custody.

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