Local Students Take Part In National Engineering Week

Middle school students rotated through a variety of activities

FARGO, N.D. — It’s National Engineering Week and several companies teamed up with North Dakota State University to let middle school girls explore the STEM field.

Mentors want girls to walk away with an appreciation of what engineering does.

“It’s fun, it’s exciting, really anyone can do it,” said Spencer Mindeman, a software engineer taking part in the event.

Students rotated through three different stations. One involved building a catapult, another was about working with circuits, and a third was about brainstorming and design.

“It was hard working as a group and trying to all come to an agreement and different ideas. But I think we’re figuring it out,” said Hallie Thoreson, a Cheney Middle School student.

She says she’s drawn to engineering because there’s potential for helping the community.

Sydney Arnold, another Cheney Middle School student, says she thinks women will face some challenges in the field.

“I think it’s harder for women because usually they think the men are better at it. I think we’re equal but it’s a little harder for women,” she said.

Thoreson says she thinks young girls interested in engineering should just go with it.

“Don’t second guess yourself. If you just follow what you want to do and if you have a determined mindset, I think you’ll be fine,” she said.

Organizers say this is an event they hope to continue doing in the future.

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