Who Will Be the Next Endorsed Republican Candidate?

Cass County Republicans held an open forum just ahead of the State Convention this upcoming weekend

FARGO, N.D. — Cass County Republicans held an open forum just ahead of the State Convention this upcoming weekend.

Three of the candidates running for Congress spoke about why they want to be the endorsed Republican candidate.

State Senators Kelly Armstrong and Tom Campbell and Paul Schaffner spoke to people in the community and answered questions about controversial issues being discussed nationwide.

They say it is important as politicians to meet face to face with people in the state directly affected by their decisions.

A range of topics were discussed but one of the bigger ticket items was the newly announced tariff’s from President Trump that could directly affect North Dakota farmers.

“$566 billion trade deficit in 2016 so that’s an issue we have to deal with but now we shouldn’t be isolating we shouldn’t be working into trade wars, I’m just very concerned that North Dakota farmers and ranchers will be used as pawn in those trade wars with the tariffs being places,” said State Senator Kelly Armstrong, a Republican candidate for congress.

“Just want to make sure that we dont sell our own number one and number two industries oil and ag short, and maybe and maybe it may take a little bit more than just one signing or one bill, it could take maybe a year or two or three and ease into it because it took 40 years to get us that way a lot of times it doesn’t take one day to fix forty days of mistakes,” said State Senator Tom Campbell, a Republican candidate for congress.

“The tariffs places by President Trump I think that has more to do with him gaining leverage in California with immigration considering what’s affected. It’s the wine it’s the grapes it’s the nuts it’s the fruit,” said Paul Schaffner, a Republican candidate running for congress.

The candidates discussed many controversial issues being discussed across the country including the new farm bill.

These three candidates voiced to the audience that each of them have close ties to the state, making them the right choice for the job.

“That he’s capable of representing North Dakota and Washington and that’s the number one thing right there to serve the state with the posture they expect and I intend to do that,” Schaffner said.

“And I know what it’s like to have the ups and downs of starting businesses of being over regulated by people in Washington D.C. that live 13 hundred miles away,” Campbell said.

“We need people to go down there and fight for North Dakota values and not be afraid to make tough choices,” Armstrong said.

Those who organized the forum wanted the public to know that all five candidates were invited to take part, but two were unable to show.

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