Incoming West Fargo Superintendent Talks District Challenges

Beth Slette is no stranger to the school district

WEST FARGO, N.D. — West Fargo Schools has hired Beth Slette to be the next superintendent.

“The process of interviewing for superintendent was very overwhelming to me. So the process of finding out that I was being offered the position was very humbling and exciting,” she said.

Slette is no stranger to the West Fargo school district. She’s been with them since 1994 in roles ranging from teacher to principal.

She says one of the main challenges she’ll have to take on as superintendent is the rapidly growing number of students in the district.

“Just the professional development alone can be a challenge. Because as we’re adding new staff we still need to have our teachers well trained in the curriculum provided and prepared for our students to enter into our schools,” she said.

The district grows by five to six hundred students every year, which requires new buildings and staff.

“Continuously recruiting and hiring the very best qualified staff is going to be top priority,” Slette said.

She also wants to focus on the social–emotional needs of students, as well as bringing more personalized learning to the classroom.

That way, educators can really, “provide students a voice and choice in the learning that they take part in,” she said.

Ultimately, working with the community she knows so well is what she looks forward to the most.

“I’m most excited about working with the families of West Fargo. I’ve been with West Fargo for many years and the district is home to me,” she said.

Slette is currently the assistant superintendent for elementary education and will replace David Flowers who is retiring in July.

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