Fargo Public Works Will Still Keep Streets Safe with Spring Snowfall

Will Our Winter Ever End?

FARGO, N.D. — We may be ready for spring, but Fargo Public Works says when more snow falls, they are ready to cater to the community.

The director of operations says each year they have a certain budget for purchasing supplies such as sand and salt.

So don’t worry.

Even though we’re seeing snow in April, they are still within their numbers to keep the roads and sidewalks clean.

They work on the fly and will send equipment out when necessary.

The sunshine helps make their jobs easier by melting much of the new snow.

“So we’re still under the average in Fargo, North Dakota. Fargo usually sees 50 inches that’s our average snowfall and we’re getting real close to touching that but we’re doing okay and we prepare for that so we put our budgets together every year,” said Ben Dow with Fargo Public Works.

Dow says they are expecting some more clean up this weekend when more snow falls on Sunday.

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