Farm in the Dell Puts on Sixth Annual Spring “Friendraiser”

Last year, the organization was able to employ seven people with disabilities


FARGO, N.D. — Some board members from Farm in the Dell of the Red River Valley say it’s not always easy for a person with a disability to get employed.

“There’s so much cost in providing work opportunities that fit their abilities. Most of them will need a job coach or some type of supervision and that just takes a lot of bureaucratic involvement,” said Glenn Urlacher, Farm in the Dell chairman.

That’s where the Farm in the Dell comes in.

The nonprofit provides a seasonal job to people with all kinds of different disabilities at its farm in Moorhead.

“Our idea here is just because someone had a different set of abilities, they might be better at one thing or not as good at another thing is to bring them in and we don’t base their pay on ‘ok you can pull this many weeds in an hour,'” said David Sigler, Farm in the Dell vice president.

In order to pay those workers, Farm in the Dell hosted its sixth annual Spring Friendraiser.

Last year, Farm in the Dell was able to raise enough money to employ seven people with disabilities. This year they hope to raise that number to 15.

Volunteers say one of the best parts about seeing people get into their roles on the farm is their attitude.

“They come to work with no bad attitude persay. They’re enthusiastic, ” Urlacher said.

But it doesn’t stop there.

“Probably one of the biggest things that I’ve seen over the several years is their desire to give back to the community anyway that they can,” Urlacher said.

Which some say they notice every time they come to the farm.

“I come in, I’m giving all of them hugs, they’ll ask how your day was. It just shows you that there’s more to life than the chaos that I have going on at home or at work or somewhere else. That they’re able to make a difference for me, not just me making a difference for them,” Sigler said.

Farm in the Dell is in the process of trying to create year–round jobs for people with disabilities.

The organization’s goal from today’s fundraiser was $10,000.

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