All-Day Health Conference at NDSU Looks to Promote Health Equity

"Bridging the Gap" brings educators, academics, and officials together to solve community health issues

FARGO, N.D. — An all–day health conference at NDSU promoted the idea of equal access to health for everyone.

Dozens of representatives from fields such as academia, health, and education attended the “Bridging the Gap” conference to discuss ways that different sectors of public health could be more accessible.

Panelists say people across various walks of life need to come together to create a collective solution in order to solve health inequity.

“Historically I think we work within our own agency or within our own psylo or within our own discipline, and in truth when we look at social determinants of health, we have to work across sectors and across those psylos and try to build more coalitions focused on the idea of promoting health for everyone,” said Dr. Donald Warne, the Chair of the NDSU Department of Public Health.

The conference is the first all–day gathering devoted to public health held in North Dakota.

Organizers are looking to make the day–long conference an annual event.

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