Healthy Kids Day at YMCA Encourages Positive Lifestyle Choices

Many different exercise stations were set up around the Fercho Family YMCA

FARGO, N.D. — During the winter months, its easy for kids to spend their time indoors, glued to their devices.

But with summer just around the corner, the YMCA is trying to change that mentality.

“Kids are sitting in front of their TV’s, playing on their phones, so if we can at least get that idea in their heads to put those phones down, step away from the TV, and go outside and play,” said Ali Kellerman, the Youth and Adult Program Coordinator for the YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties.

Healthy Kids Day is a nationwide event where kids can learn about different exercises as well as positive lifestyle choices.

“Our whole goal is just to kick off summer with that healthy mindset and just getting our community together,” said Kellerman.

Several organizations, like the Fargo–Moorhead RedHawks, NDSU Women’s Soccer, and the FM Walleyes got in on the fun.

“There are going to be kids that maybe don’t love running, but they could learn about fishing, baseball, and different things that the community has to offer,” said Kellerman.

In addition to its emphasis on exercise, the YMCA of Cass Clay looks to encourage healthy lifestyles through the introduction of its summer food program.

From June to August, eight different locations will be serving meals individuals under the age of 18.

Last year, the nationwide program served an average of more than 1,000 kids per day.

“It’s also cool to see kids who don’t eat healthy at home and they come and they say, ‘Oh, I’ve never had broccoli before, oh sugar snap peas, I’ve never had those, I like these,’ so it’s really nice seeing them open their eyes and seeing good and healthy food and them liking it,” said Katie Anderson, the Food Program Specialist for the YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties.

All of these measures look to mold the next generation into people who make healthy decisions.

Some of the activities at Healthy Kids Day include an obstacle course, face painting, soccer lessons, and a bouncy house.

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