River Keepers are Telling You to Get Out and Enjoy the Red This Summer

"The scenery is just breathtaking and the wildlife that you get to see along the Red, it's just a beautiful, beautiful site"

FARGO, N.D. — The River Keepers meet once a year to honor members, discuss new possibilities and learn how to continue keeping the Red River clean.

People involved in the group are sharing their plans for the future.

The Red River is a distinct characteristic to the Fargo/Moorhead community, but it does more than just glorify nature.

“The Red River’s our drinking water source and we also want people to use it safely and in sustainable ways,” said Christine Holland, the Executive Director of the Rivers Keepers.

This summer, River Keepers are reminding the community to get outside, take a kayak for a ride and discover what the river has to offer.

“The scenery is just breathtaking and the wildlife that you get to see along the Red, it’s just a beautiful, beautiful site,” said Laurie Winterfeldt, a board member of the River Keepers.

“We have all sorts of volunteer opportunities for people to go out and pick up garbage to plant trees to mark storm drains so we have something for everybody,” Christine said.

The Red is one of the most differentiating features to our region.

It’s a stream of running water that crosses state and city lines.

“It’s a unifying characteristic. We fight the Red together we should really appreciate the Red together,” Laurie said.

And the keepers are doing just that.

Bringing more than 1,700 volunteers from both communities together to help it thrive and survive.

“Instead of dividing the two communities, we’d like it to unite the two communities and just have people outside using it and enjoying it,” Christine said.

There are many who volunteer their time to clean up trash and monitor the Red.

But as every day citizens, things like recycling, picking up after yourself and absorbing the nature can do more than you can imagine.

“So, there are lots of things we can do as individual citizens that keep our river useful, healthy and vibrant and a part of our big community,” Laurie said.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience what the Red River has to offer, than the keepers say this summer is your chance.

“It’s a side of the community you won’t see anywhere else,” Laurie said.

They say it’s simple to do your part in making this historic part of our community more beautiful than how it was found.

This upcoming season, the Moorhead Parks Department has taken over the kayaking and water activities on the Red River.

For more information visit their website.

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