Local Steel Company Invited to White House to Talk Tax Reform

The company has 50 job openings because of the new bill that passed in December 2017

FARGO, N.D. — TrueNorth Steel of Fargo was invited to the White House this month to talk about tax reform.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence talked about the new tax reform bill that passed in December.

TrueNorth Steel’s story begins in 1945 when Norwegian immigrant Ole Rommesmo Sr. launched it as Fargo Tank.

In 2011, seven steel companies merged with Fargo Tank to become TrueNorth Steel.

“We build big things: large tanks, buildings and those are large capital investment items so there has to be that environment to encourage investment and we’re seeing that today in the tax reform. It’s just another tool that’s helping us make those decisions,” said Dan Kadrmas, president of TrueNorth.

True North’s executives were invited to D.C. earlier this month to talk about how they’re being impacted by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was passed at the end of last year.

More than 50 jobs have been created at TrueNorth Steel because of the tax cuts.

That’s a ten percent increase in the company’s workforce, which has ten locations in the Midwest and Wyoming, where the company is already expanding the facility.

“That’s just one of them in our fleet that was empty at the time so we’re investing money and adding resources down there to add equipment and fill more tanks,” said Eric Grindberg, TrueNorth site manager.

In addition to creating more jobs and more capital investments to expand their business, TrueNorth executives say the new tax reform bill is also preventing North Dakotans from having to find jobs elsewhere.

“As a North Dakota kid that grew up here, having this type of tax reform allows us to invest in our businesses here and keep North Dakotans here as they grow up and have a future instead of having to move out of state,” Grindberg said.

Now some say they hope there continues to be a good partnership between the government and businesses to allow them to continue to be successful.

“I think a continued focus on business, success of government really stems from the success of business. Creating a partnership with business and government is essential and we’re going down that path today and we need to continue going down that path,” Kadrmas.

TrueNorth Steel’s 50 job openings include positions for welders, machine operators, coating applicators, laborers, material handlers and truck drivers.

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