Pure honey & Maple Syrup soon to be labeled as having added sugars

The Food and Drug Administration will soon require pure honey and maple syrup to be labeled as having added sugars, and North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring believes the move will only confuse consumers.

The FDA suggests producers also use a symbol after the amount of added sugars telling consumers where these sugars occur naturally.

The American Honey Producers Association says the plan could lead people to wonder what’s being added to pure honey when nothing is.

Companies fear the writing could hurt their bottom line.

“The reality is they haven’t done anything to shore up credibility or to have a true reflection of what is actually in the product, because now people are confused and then misled believing that someone is adding sugar to their sugar,” Goehring explained.

Commissioner Goehring says even a bag of sugar could be labeled as having added sugar under the plan,

The new labeling will take effect in 2020 for large businesses and 2021 for smaller manufacturers.

In 2017, North Dakota ranked first in the country for honey production for the 14th straight year.

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