Community Members Give Their Feedback about Upcoming Main Avenue Construction

Engineers hope that renovations to Main Avenue begin in 2019

FARGO, N.D. — Main Avenue is one of the major vessels for consumer traffic in Fargo, but many people feel it’s time for the road to get a face lift.

“You’re seeing more people choosing to live, learn, work, and play downtown, so again design for people and we get more people, design for cars and we get more cars,” said Mike Williams, a candidate for Fargo City Commission.

Since construction would affect so many people, city officials made sure to get the word out about the new plan.

“We sent out over 1000 invitations for people to come here, and we put it out on all of our social media channels and we really like people to give us their opinions,” said Jeremy Gorden, the Transportation Division Engineer for the City of Fargo.

Engineers from the City of Fargo and SRF Consulting presented five design alternatives for Main Avenue.

The three factors that the City of Fargo outlined for the reconstruction of Main Avenue were vehicular mobility, pedestrian walkability, and the potential for economic development, and many people believe the 5–4–3 hybrid addresses all of their concerns.

In the 5–4–3 hybrid, Main Avenue starts as a five lane road towards University Drive, then narrows down to four and then three lanes eastbound.

“We have to look at traffic flow too, we have to look at the whole community’s needs, and there’s no question that the hybrid, the 5–4–3 model will work best,” said Donny Goldammer, a business owner in downtown Fargo.

Goldammer owns several businesses downtown, including Mint and Basil. He feels that a new Main Avenue will help modernize downtown.

“You have to embrace change appropriately and do the education on how you’re going to add value, and I feel that the hybrid model is going to add to that,” said Goldammer.

When construction officially begins, Goldammer and other business owners hope people continue to come downtown and support their growing community.

In addition to presentations from the engineers with the City of Fargo and SRF Consulting, people also heard feedback from people with the North Dakota Department of Transportation.

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