Elementary School Teachers from Fargo Go Head-to-Head In “Battle of the Schools”

Longfellow Elementary took home the first championship

FARGO, N.D. — It was no secret that school spirit was at an all–time high inside the gym of Eagles Elementary.

Many educators were fired up on a Wednesday afternoon for one reason: the first ever “Battle of the Schools”.

“Oh it’s great. It builds team spirit, builds camaraderie, you know we look forward to this, coming together, and competing against other schools,” said Craig Reznecheck, the Principal of Centennial Elementary.

The event is centered around Teacher Appreciation Week, and many teachers and administrators sweated out school spirit in a variety of different challenges.

Educators from the various elementary schools across Fargo competed in relay races and even had to arrange pictures of superintendents in order of when they served.


Educators could also win raffle prizes like sports tickets and gift cards.

“The community was absolutely ‘yes I will donate to the prizes’ and just different teachers being so excited to welcome other teachers into our building,” said Kimi Milligan, a Student Performance Specialist at Eagles Elementary.

Administrators say they would love the competition to happen each year.

“We are looking forward to carrying on a tradition that Mrs. Milligan and other team members worked together to create,” said Tanya Lingle, the Principal of Eagles Elementary.

Longfellow Elementary won the inaugural Battle of the Classes, winning a trophy and the right to host the competition next year.

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