NDDOT Reminds People to Stay Cautious in Construction Zones

Last year there were no fatalities in construction work zones

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Last year, there were no work zone fatalities on North Dakota highways.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation plans to keep it that way.

They’re reminding everyone to slow down and minimize distractions while you’re driving during all the construction going on through summer.

North Dakota DOT officials say the projects aren’t meant to inconvenience anyone, which is why they say it’s also important that drivers allow themselves enough time to get to their destination.

“We want you to travel and enjoy all that our state has to offer but please also make sure that you’re aware of what’s happening around you. Patience is required as you travel. Please account time for construction and allow yourself time to reach your destination,” said NDDOT director Tom Sorel.

Drivers should also keep a safe distance between themselves and other drivers.

They say the driver in front of you should be able to see your license plate in their rear view mirror.

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