Team CCRI Takes on the Fargo Marathon 5K

The team has about 200 people, and they've been doing the marathon for nine years

FARGO, N.D. — Team CCRI took on the Fargo Marathon 5K. CCRI, or Creative Care for Reaching Independence, is a non–profit that helps people with disabilities.

The team had about 200 hundred people take part in the race, and this is the ninth year they’ve been doing it.

Some participants have done it all nine years, or as Shena Holtgrewe describes it, “for a thousand times.”

“I know what CCRI feels like. Last year, I think it was amazing, and I want to do it this year,” she said.

She says she loves all the people involved with the marathon.

“Seeing all the fans, and just have to wave to all of them, it’s really fun to have them cheer on their teams,” she said.

Another member of Team CCRI loves the people she can be around.

“Just being here with the people in the community and just having a lot of fun racing,” Angela Thompson said.

Organizers say they want people on the team to always find activities that can keep them healthy, a goal they should carry throughout their lives.

“If our folks don’t have that health, and aren’t working towards it, they won’t be able to accomplish everything they want to. We really want to strive to help them be able to reach those goals,” Shannon Bock, executive director of CCRI, said.

“It’s good for people with disabilities to get out and stay active,” Holtgrewe said.

Everyone on the team has something they can be proud of.

“Just the sense that they can accomplish something. So, they started that training process, and even if they didn’t train, and they came out here with folks, when they cross that finish line, it’s a huge sense of pride for them,” Bock said.


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