Both Sides of the River Aiming for Zero Deaths from Traffic Crashes

Those with "Toward Zero Deaths" like to compare it to a roller coaster

FARGO-MOORHEAD — West Central Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths stakeholders and North Dakota Vision Zero join forces to launch the national seat belt enforcement campaign.

Local officials and medical professionals are warning people in the community.

Authorities from both North Dakota and Minnesota are partnering up to remind you that before you stick those keys in the ignition to reach out and take those two extra seconds to buckle up your belt.

“In 2017 we had 108 fatality crashes in North Dakota 50 of those crashes we know that seat belts were not in use,” Sgt. Luke Hendrickson, with the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

Both the Minnesota State Patrol and the North Dakota Highway Patrol say those deaths could have been prevented.

“Every person, every seat, every time, again riding along without a seat belt is gambling with your life it’s just not worth it,” said Sgt. Jesse Grabow, with the Minnesota State Patrol.

Those with Toward Zero Deaths like to compare it to a roller coaster.

Would you dare get on a ride without any protection?

“If you wouldn’t ride a roller coaster without a seat belt, why would you ride in a car without one?” said Tom Nixon, the Toward Zero Deaths Regional Coordinator.

Many people don’t think about the possible consequences.

In the blink of an eye, your whole world could change.

“Frequently with more severe head injuries, most severe long bone injuries, sometimes traumatic amputations all because the patients did not make the decision before they got in the car to use their seat belt while they were in their car,” said Dr. Sheryl Sahr, a Sanford Health Trauma Surgeon.

The weather may be beautiful and the wind may feel good in your hair, but take those 2 seconds and click it.

Officials say the 100 most deadliest days of the year begin Memorial Day weekend and these are just some of the things you can do to stay safe. Reporting in Fargo Jessie Cohen KVRR Local News.

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