LIVE: Welcome Party Lays Out The Red Carpet For New People In FM

Events Helps People New To Town Learn About Our Community


Tifanie Gelinske with the Greater F/M Economic Development Corporation tells Adam how you can become the Mr. Rogers of the F/M area and help new people feel welcomed in the neighborhood.

The FM Welcome Party helps people learn everything they need to know about our region.

With more and more people continuing to pour into out community, Gelinske says it’s vital to offer some help as they set up their new lives.

Hosts who have lived here a while will be able to answer questions ranging from the nightlife scene to how to find a doctor or dentist.

There will also be food and local entertainment to show off what’s to offer in town.

The next Welcome Party is Tuesday, May 22nd at 6 p.m. at Sanctuary Events Center in Fargo.

Find out ticket information by clicking here.

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