Pair of Canada Geese Lay Eggs on Nature Trail of Rabanus Park

Environmental experts warn about bothering the geese while they're nesting

FARGO, N.D. —¬†Two Canada geese set up shop to lay their eggs on the nature trail at Rabanus Park.

The goose and gander have held down their spot for the last few days.

Canada geese tend to lay their eggs in the spring, and operate under a system where the goose guards the eggs while the gander stands guard.

Eggs generally hatch 25 to 30 days after incubation, so North Dakota Game and Fish Biologist Doug Leier says to not disturb the geese.

“The best advice that we can give anyone is to try to give them some space, and give them a little bit of room. They don’t want to be disturbed and if you don’t have to disturb them, they’re going to be okay,” said Leier.

Once the goslings are born, they can swim, feed, and walk within 24 hours of their birth.

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